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Performing with the Boston Pops Orchestra Performing with the Boston Pops Orchestra
Bill Performing with the Boston Pops Orchestra, Summer 2001
Photo: Jim Powers, © Inquirer & Mirror

Here's What the Critics Have Said:

"The auditorium was transformed... it all happened in such a smooth and exciting manner that at moments the audience fell into a trance-like spell."

"...Deep resonant voice filled the theater... brought to his audience the color and love that frames his repertoire."

"Captivates... delights... charms... one of the most intriguing and enjoyable presentations in years."

"Bill Schustik sings country music - music of his country from the Eastern seaboard to the badlands of the West... He tells stories about Sir Winston Churchill and his eighth grade music appreciation teacher, making them as real as your next door neighbor; an enchanted musical journey through American history and folklore!"

"An evening of true theater... there was not a dry eye in the house."

"Very few seasoned entertainers can appear alone and hold an audience for a couple of hours. Schustik does it with ease."

"...He picked up his guitar... it was a song we all think we know, but it is doubtful anyone heard it with so much understanding before or with such a touch of the heart or clutch at the throat. It is called "The Star Spangled Banner" and never again, one thinks, will anyone who heard it regard it lightly or reduce it to meaningless chauvinism..."

"The agent of the magic is Bill Schustik, a minstrel taught by heaven to touch the hearts of men" Sun Magazine, Baltimore, MD.

"The mystical rays of sunlight from one painting glowed behind Schustik. Strangely, the rays glowed upon him. In this setting, Schustik was almost ethereal" Clearwater Sun

"Making friends even up the stairs and out the front door, Schustik finally bid the last stragglers good night. Two minutes later he had vanished from sight. The Spirit had departed, but the spirit remains" Rockhurst Hawk (Rockhurst College)

"It's strange how 1100 women will give a standing ovation to an entertainer that makes them sad. Especially when he arrived 45 minutes late due to the fog. But it's not at all strange when you hear Bill Schustik, master balladeer, sing about the American heritage he loves" Lansing State Journal

"Schustik is one folk singer who needs so electronic amplifying equipment. His voice fills the room with richness and his diction is such that every word of his ballads is understandable" FAMILY, Flint Michigan

"Bill Schustik's powerful rendition of a sea chantey can boom you out of the chair" Buffalo Courier-Express

"Nancy and I are honored to be here tonight. And I know I speak for everyone in the audience when I thank Bill Schustik, the playwright, for the play, and the the entire cast of 'On Shiloh Hill' for that magnificent performance." President Ronald Reagan, Ford's Theatre Benefit Gala, 1984

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