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Lincoln And The Songs He Loved
By Bill Schustik

Bill Schustik, an American troubadour, using his magical bag of instruments, songs and stories evokes an illusive quarry, the spirit of Abraham Lincoln.

Down through the ages music has been a fundamental expression of humanity. It has a unique ability to touch our hearts. You can get a feeling for folks by the songs they sang.

Abraham Lincoln loved music. A good song could significantly shape his mood.

A lot of the songs Lincoln grew up with have a familiar ring to them. They should. Lincoln's youth was America's youth and we shared the same songs.

Barbara Allen (Guitar)
Rueben, Rueben (Jew's Harp/Harmonica)
Lavender's Blue (Harmonica)
Skip To My Lou (Banjo)
Old Sister Phoebe (Banjo)

Dan Emmett, the young composer in black face that wrote Old Dan Tucker came out with a new minstral tune that really tickled Lincoln's funny bone. Abe called it the "buzzing song", Jim Crack Corn (Banjo).

The courting song that the young man shared with what many believe to be his first and only love, Ann Rutledge, offers an intimate glimpse into that legendary and tragic love affair, Death (Guitar).

It's true that he was a musician, of sorts. His instruments of choice were the Harmonica and the Jew's Harp.

If folks on the frontier are to be believed, he actually wrote a song himself, The Wedding Song (Dulcimer).

Most affecting for Lincoln were what he called, "the sad little songs." these were those glorious American celebrations of melodrama and melancholy.

A courageous contemporary songwriter, Stephen Foster, used this romantic Nineteenth Century medium to challenge a brutal American institution, slavery. My Old Kentucky Home (Guitar).

The President's "sad little song" Twenty Years Ago (Guitar) almost cost him his second term.

In one of President Lincoln's last public addresses he asked for a favorite song as a war prize. This song was "Dixie," written by the same young fellow who wrote "the buzzing song" so many years before. American Trilogy (Guitar).

Bill, the troubadour, weaves an enchanting fabric of recollection, folklore and song to touch the heart of an American born Abraham Lincoln, and you.

Note: Additional songs include Old Abe Lincoln (Banjo), John Anderson's Lament (Concertina), Jim Along Joesy (Banjo) and Your Mission (Guitar)

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